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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Supporting Leikyn

Recently We heard some terrible News about a friend of mines Daughter.

On March 3rd Little Leikyn was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. She is undergoing Chemo and will be doing for the next 5 months. If you would like to pay tribute to this special little girl, you can do so buy visiting and reading her story by clicking on this Support Tag.

This Family has touched everyones heart, they are such a loving family and Ashley the Mother is alwyas their for Others helping where she can. Its such awful news and Very upsetting to she Little Lei Lei in photos now.

My heart goes out to this family an Prayers and thoughts are with them Daily wihsing and hoping Leikyn recovers well.

Please Click this Image to go to Leikyns Story
Thank you to Shelle at Catchy Designs for making this tag

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