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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Its Thursday !!!

Nearly the weekend, I love the weekends, no getting up for the school run, now work just pure leisure, do what you want weekends lol. But still got today to go. I have a pile of ironing which I really DO NOT want to do, I hate ironing grrr. All clothes should be non Ironable.

I have got loads to do today with the site, I have to post all the siggies for Member of the Month, get things ready for our new Siggie Challenge which starts March 1st, I hope it takes off and people will get involved.

I have a bunch of wonderful designers on the site who work very hard and create fantastic siggies. I just hate when people are so impatient and ask when there siggie is going to be ready when you only just picked it up, especially when you do them for free. Its not fair and they should have a bit more respect for the designers.

Well its nearly time to pick the children up from school, my eldest is staying behind to do Homework club because he is very forgetful and forgets to complete his homework, so then he gets detention, hopefully this will help - fingers crossed.

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