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Friday, 26 February 2010

The Weekend Begins :)

Its Friday yipppeeee hoorayyyyy :)

Did my yukky ironing today - but still got loads of washing to do - I jsut never know where it comes from?? lol.

Car passed MOT today so that was fab news downside I had to walk in the rain my face was freezing.

Did a siggie today for my site as part of our triple offer promotion - this offer expires today, Its fun actually all the designers have worked really hard and have worked as part of a team - Its great that everyone can come together and work in this way :) I love it makes siggie making more enjoyable x

Still got a name tag to do I suck at name tags I never know what to do lol. Gonna work on some layouts again over weekend I think have missed doing them they are fun.

I have been working on my song lyrics today getting them right and working on some music its not there yet but its looking good if I do say so myself :)

anyway thats enough from me today - Over and out

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